Wednesday, March 6, 2013

IAAP Congress in Copenhagen

Welcome to the 2013 IAAP Congress in Copenhagen

by Joe Cambray, President, IAAP

In recognition of and honoring the pioneering psychological transformations, which C. G. Jung underwent beginning in the year 1913. These experiences were to make him into the figure we know as "Jung," and are documented in his Red Book. Further, we will look to how we as an evolving community have developed from these insights to become the Analytical Psychology of the 21st Century.

The IAAP’s triennial Congresses are unique, wonderful events, when our global community has the opportunity to come together for nearly a week of intense engagements, personally and professionally. Old friends are reunited and new friendships are forged in a convivial atmosphere. It is an affirmation of our vocational choices and a chance to celebrate our vision of the psyche.

For the past three years the Program Committee chaired by Robert Wimmer and the Organizing Committee chaired by Misser Berg have labored intensively to bring forth this remarkable gathering. It is a testament to them and the committees they have chaired that we are all here and able to participate in this extraordinary event. The great variety of offerings which you will have the chance to explore this week is a tribute to these efforts.

Several innovations will be offered at this congress. Electronic translations of plenary texts into all of the official languages of the IAAP will be made available through the kindness of our hosts, the Danish Society for Analytical Psychology (DSAP). Other languages will be accommodated as resources permit. Also, there will be a Master of Ceremonies for each day of the congress; the master will assist with the overall integration of each day and as a team for the Congress as whole. It is with great anticipation and pleasure that I and the members of the Executive Committee look forward to meeting you in Copenhagen for discovery, debate and revelry.

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