Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Eros Lecture Series

Ken Kimmel has developed a number of lectures and seminars based on chapters in Eros and the Shattering Gaze, focusing on such topics as:
  • "The Burn-Wound of Eros: Transcending Narcissism"   
  • "Predator Beneath the Lover" 
  • "The Grail Wound"
  • "Men's 'Split-Feminine' - Mother, Lover, Virgin, Whore"
  • "Saturn's Wounded Eros"
  • "The Capacity To Love: Transcending the 'Heat-Death' of Eros 
If your society or institute is interested in planning a program, contact Ken at for a formal proposal and resume.

This timely book reveals the pervasiveness of a culturally and historically embedded narcissism underlying contemporary men's erotic and romantic fantasies, that distorts their understanding of what it really means to love. The book is filled with tales of love and loss, from ancient myth, medieval legend, Western classical literature, and contemporary film. Its template derives from "The Tale of Psyche and Amor", and poignant clinical vignettes and dreams from Ken's thirty years of practice bring to life the major themes of narcissism and its transcendence.

Elizabeth Clark-Stern's Play: Out of the Shadows

Jung Society of Atlanta Presents

Out of the Shadows 
A Story of Toni Wolff and Emma Jung - play performed by Lucie Magnus and Nancy Qualls-Corbett

July 21, 2012 Saturday Lecture 7:30 pm
members: free; non-members $20; students $10

Please join us for a reading of Elizabeth Clark-Stern's story of the stormy, triangulated and ultimately transformative relationship between Emma Jung, wife of Carl Jung and Toni Wolff, his analyst, muse and mistress.

The play opens in 1910, as Sigmund Freud and his heir-apparent, Carl Jung, are changing the way people think about the mind and human nature. Emma, the twenty-six-year-old mother of four, aspires to heip her husband develop the science of psychology, but when twenty-two-year-old Toni Wolff enters the heart of this world as Jung's patient, her curious mind and devotion to Jung threaten Emma's aspirations. As Toni and Emma explore both their antagonism and common ground, they struggle to know the essence of the enemy, the "Other", as well as the power and depth of their own natures. The play follows Toni and Emma's rivalry over forty years while charting the parallel course of the field of psychology and some of its major players. —Press Release, C. G. Jung Society of New Orleans